Formulations that work from within the organisms by ​stimulating long term immunity and increasing growth by gut enrichment for animals​

For Healthy Shrimps and Fish!
Diseases Are Mitigated By Our
Organically Brewed Formulations

Quality means continuous care from start to harvest!

At Shizenature, we have a mix for every stage

Products For Fish & Crustaceans

Enhancing egg quality for superior fry is achieved using our brood stock feeding regime: BST series.​

USP: Significantly reduce infections while increasing egg quality leading to stronger fry

Control ​

Brooders infected with bacterial and viral particles showing spots on exoskeletons​


Infections are cleared up within 7 days​

Improving the immunity of the fry through our mixes added to feeds significantly reduces inherent diseases. Lowering mortality by making stronger fry with accompanying higher survival rates: HM & FiM series.​

USP: Eradicate weakest and heavily infected PostLarva at the earliest stages


Opaque due to infections in exoskeletons and muscles​

HM fed PL​

Clearer, Cleaner Exosketon and Muscles

Robust fry production from the hatchery and nursery conditioning followed by continuing immune boosting mix at the grow-out ensure better harvest from faster growth and shorter harvest days: FM series.​

USP:  Sustaining immunized growth till harvest

Note:  Farmers are still expected to do good farm management practices. 

SeaCage Grown Shrimps

First and only successful sea grown shrimps!​

since 2016 in Singapore seacages​

Crunchier Sweeter Flavory

No muddy taste
  • Exposure to diseases in an open sea are reduced from within the shrimp
  • Higher Formula Mix to be fed continuously till harvest for disease exposure is 24/7.

Disease Control Measures

Our Tollacin™ formulation effectively controls certain disease. ​ Formulation works from inside the shrimp to boost immunity. ​ WSSV is effectively controlled when applied at earliest stages of fry. ​

Our Next ​ Performance Brooders ​

Macrobrachium ​rosenbergii​

Planktons Modifier

Fish Formula

Successful fish culture without antibiotics start from the youngest fry …

  • Mitigate Diseases
  • Improve Survival Rate: >20% at 30 DpH from 1”​( Data 2010 )​
  • Safer Foods
  • Faster Growth: shorten by 3- 4 months
  • Improve Survival Rate & Harvest Tonnage
  • Reduce Feeds: Improve FCR
  • Superior Color and Robust Eels
  • Reduce Mortality for stages between 0.1g – 50 g

Anguilla bicolor


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