Formulations that work from within the organisms by ​stimulating long term immunity and increasing growth by gut enrichment for animals​



Formulations that work through cellular activation and cuticular strengthening & soil microbiome enrichment​

For Healthy Shrimps and Fish!
Diseases Are Mitigated By Our
Organically Brewed Formulations

Quality means continuous care from start to harvest!

At Shizenature, we have a mix for every stage

Products For Fish & Crustaceans

Enhancing egg quality for superior fry is achieved using our brood stock feeding regime: BST series.​

Improving the immunity of the fry through our mixes added to feeds significantly reduces inherent diseases. Lowering mortality by making stronger fry with accompanying higher survival rates: HM & FiM series.​

Robust fry production from the hatchery and nursery conditioning followed by continuing immune boosting mix at the grow-out ensure better harvest from faster growth and shorter harvest days: FM series.​

Significantly reduce infections while increasing egg quality leading to stronger fry

Control ​

Brooders infected with bacterial and viral particles showing spots on exoskeletons​


Infections are cleared up within 7 days​

USP: Eradicate weakest and heavily infected PostLarva at the earliest stages


Opaque due to infections in exoskeletons and muscles​

HM fed PL​

Clearer, Cleaner Exosketon and Muscles

General Vannamei Survival Rate Trend

Note:  Farmers are still expected to do good farm management practices. 

SeaCage Grown Shrimps

First and only successful sea grown shrimps!​
since 2016 in Singapore Seacages​

Crunchier Flavory

No muddy taste
  • Exposure to diseases in an open sea are reduced from within the shrimp
  • Higher Formula Mix to be fed continuously till harvest for disease exposure is 24/7.

Disease Control Measures

Our Tollacin™ formulation effectively controls certain disease. ​ Formulation works from inside the shrimp to boost immunity. ​ WSSV is effectively controlled when applied at earliest stages of fry. ​

Our Next ​ Performance Brooders ​

Macrobrachium ​rosenbergii​

Planktons Modifier

Fish Formula

Successful fish culture without antibiotics start from the youngest fry …

  • Mitigate Diseases
  • Improve Survival Rate: >20% at 30 DpH from 1”( Data 2010 )
  • Safer Foods
  • Faster Growth: shorten by 3- 4 months
  • Improve Survival Rate & Harvest Tonnage
  • Reduce Feeds: Improve FCR
  • Superior Color and Robust Eels
  • Reduce Mortality for stages between 0.1g – 50 g

Anguilla bicolor



All Natural Ingredients

Selectively Brewed and Extracted​ With Proprietary Safe Probiotics ​


Viable Probiotics Brew​

Healthy Gut Healthier Pet ​

Healthy gut microflora begins with intake of activated and beneficial probiotics. Our activated probiotics formulation creates wholesome gut flora.​

The probiotics are activated by in-house proprietary media to produce beneficial HS proteins. These Activated Probiotics breakdown human food-grade ingredients into a nutritious brew by patent-filed technology (IP:SG2018050351). Additional production of antioxidants and vitamins from natural plant extracts further enhance gut microbiome.​

Viable Probiotics

Simply add 10 mL of VpB to feeds or to water each day​.
Ingredients: Bacillus sp #21, Lactobacillus sp # 3, Oat Bran, Roselle extracts.

About Us

We do selective enzymatic reactions of natural ingredients under GRAS. Using our IP processes and extraction (SG2018050351) leads to unique liquid formulations applicable to both Aquaculture and

Our efforts are the results of more than 20 years of cumulative R&D by dedicated team members. We are most thankful and grateful for all their contributions.

Our Mission

. Free

Our Products are AVA approved

About Us

We do proprietary fermentations and processes using selected natural ingredients. The processes are complex and time consuming. The probiotics we used are of food grades and uniquely grown to produce enzymes with benefits crossing from Aquaculture to Agriculture.

We call our products Organically Brewed Essence as OBE. OBE are used in fish, shrimps, lobsters and pets.

Our products are the results of more than 18 years of cumulative R&D. We have dedicated team members who are passionate and sincere about the sciences. We understand our purposes and believe in our works according to His Will.

Our Mission

. Free

Our Products are AVA approved


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